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Welcome to our new forums!

We have been busy working on a lot of things in the background

We launched the new website a couple of months back which has been a great success and now we are looking at ways on how we can improve our customer support.

We get a lot of the same questions and although we have the discord chat its hard to search back for a specific solution to a problem.

Although these forums are currently empty, our aim is as people ask questions, we will then provide detailed responses that other members can then use for reference and that also other members in the community can also help if they have resolved the same issue.

Most issues arise from not following the install instructions or not knowing how to in terms of setting drive letters or installing dependency packages, so I am going to start creating tutorial content based upon the most frequently asked questions.


I will have to initially moderate all forum posts, due to the fact some of our competitors will see this as an opportunity to spam the forums, however as the forums grow, hopefully I can rope in some more help to manage them.

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