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Cant play the games - cannot find launcher


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Hi, everyone, I wanted to know if any else is having the same problems as me? This is my 2nd time downloading 16TB a man it took forever to download. I'm still having the same problems and I don't know what else to do. I did everything that was told to me but I still can't play ANY games. It says cannot find Launcher. I did all the steps so i dont know what else to do.

STEP 1 - SET EXTERNAL DRIVE LETTER TO "D" on your computer




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  • ArcadeSystems changed the title to Cant play the games - cannot find launcher

@Damian3xl I have moved your post to the correct forum and edited the title so that its more informative.

This is an easy one and a very common question.


The error "cannot find launcher" is caused due the rocketlauncher.exe file not found this is usually caused by the following:


1. The most common cause is that either windows defender or your antivirus has quarantined the file

Goto Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Protection History





Review this screen and RESTORE any files. (If Restore does not work, allow the file and then re-download the missing files)




I would also suggest to EXCLUDE your drive from Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Manage Settings > Exclusions





2. If you have Antivirus running, you will also want to review this and remove any files from quarantine related to the drive and also exclude the drive from being scanned.


3. This can also be caused if you have NOT set the correct drive letter in the instructions, however I can see that you have already done this step by your comment.



Windows Defender and Antivirus often pick up emulators and related files as viruses but they are false positives so they will not harm your setup.

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I have same issue and all steps above done. I get the error "Cannot find D:\Arcade\Databases\Main Menu\MainMenu.xml, install Hyperspin by running HyperSpin.exe once."   Done that and I get a gray HS program to open but it does nothing just a gray box that never closes.image.png.48a5ea44a13a8090e371676f916ffae7.pngimage.png.d4e1efb17366597d7fc2856b6daec559.png

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@jpitt80 @Damian3xl Use either Beyond Compare 4 or Syncovery to compare your local copy with the FTP.



Our Downloads are a complete mirror of our drives and they work, so its either down to a missing file or defender / antivirus has removed the files.


I am making a ton of updates at the moment, which will also be available once I have finished uploading them, sadly that's the longest part of the process!

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