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pc games problems.


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I know i have not downloaded the whole image yet but to my knowledge iv'e downloaded all pc-games, i get error messages when trying out a lot of the games, something like "the game can not start this may be due to a corrupt or non matching build" or something similar to that (not the exact message). Iv'e downloaded and installed all drivers like visual basic, direct x etc...

Im not going to get horribly upset yet but it's a bit worrying so i was wondering if someone else have had these issues.

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Its hard to tell the issue when a download is complete, however if you set the build to download all of the coinops related folders (aside from roms) then this would help to usually resolve any issues.

If you get stuck I'm happy to help you remotely.

The CoinOps build is actually on my hit list also for a big update.


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