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16tb Hyperspin Download - Destination drive full?


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So, my 16tb hard drive is now full and there is still a lot of data left on the server that I am still missing.  I spent the last few days going over what I have downloaded so far.  I used Beyond Compare so that I can see what was on the server compared to what I had so far in my drive.  I have looked at the comparison of each file on the root folder and they match except for the Arcade file.  The arcade file it shows that there is a total of 15.8tb on that file alone which is more capacity than I have on my 16TB HDD (14.5tb).  When you look at the individual files in the folder Arcade.  I started my download from A to Z.  There are some files that are different.  At first I thought I had downloaded duplicate data which was causing the problem but there are only two folders where I have more data downloaded than what was on the drive (databases over by 665k and nintendo game & watch over by 21k)  It looks like a couple of individual files that downloaded at a different size for some reason??.  There are quite a few where the total file contents had not been downloaded yet.  It appears as if when my drive filled up it had not finished downloading the contents of these folders as follows:
Daphne missing 1.1GB
emulators missing 303.5GB
exo missing 29GB
MAME missing 39GB
Media missing 382GB
Microsoft MSX missing 21.3MB
Mugen missing 24.9GB
Nintendo Wii U missing 1GB
OpenBOR missing 100MB
RocketLauncher missing 1GB
Sony Playstation 3 missing 1GB
Sony Playstation Minis missing 6.75GB
From Sony Pocketstation to Zemmix nothing has downloaded yet.  So, I am trying to figure out what I need to do from here.  I know your total downloadable drive is supposed to be 14.5TB or so and is supposed to fit on a 16tb hdd but this is the issue I am running into.  Let me know if you need any further information to help you from my end.  I am attaching photos that show the side by side comparison on Beyond Compare so you can see the individual files and differences.  Please let me know what I need to do to finish this thank you in advance for your help. 

Total Drive Main Look.png

Source Drive Total Downloadable.png

My Drive Downloaded So Far.png

Arcade Total Pic 1.png

Arcade Total Pic 2.png

Arcade Total Pic 3.png

Arcade Total Pic 4.png

Arcade Total Pic 5.png

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