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Evening All,

Just bought a 16tb HD (Batocera) and cant wait to use it!

Only problem is I cant seem to get beyond the splash Batocera screen on either my desktop or my laptop.

I can select the HD from bios without issue, even get Batocera to then start to boot, but it simply hangs on the batocera splash screen (even if left for 10 or 20mins).

Some times the screen will flicker then just go black, other times the music starts for a moment and the screen changes as if it's about to start but then it goes back to a black screen.

I am no expert when it comes to modifying the .conf file but have tried it with the "nvidia-driver=true" activated and deactivated but the same issue persists.

I dont seem to be able to use the remote support function on the site here (it's just not clickable).

I have contacted Scott via email and he has been great but obviously replies are very slow as I assume he is busy so thought i would come here and introduce myself (HI IM ALAN!) and see if anyone could assist.



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